10 Kids Bedrooms Decor, Design & Furniture Ideas

Whether you are already a parent or are expecting a child soon, you will need to design a kids bedroom for your infants and it’s not going to be as simple as getting a bed and setting it up. As your kids grow older, their bedroom becomes their own little world, housing everything from their books and toys to their clothes, shoes and games.

Keeping this in mind, the design, decor and furniture you choose for your kids’ bedroom will affect how they feel and how they act, react and learn new things. In this post we are going to be sharing 10 kids bedroom decor and design ideas including tips for the kind of furniture you can opt for.

The design below is quite traditional and goes for a classic look which is ideal for boys. The color scheme is light blue and white, but a splash of red is thrown in there with the bed sheets and couch. The room is spacious and the uncluttered decor makes it look bigger than it is.

Kids Bedroom in Blue and Red Color Combination

If you’ve got a small space you can always opt for bunk beds, however, the most important design decision in the bedroom shown below is its color scheme. The walls and ceiling are neutral, and the only instances of color are on account of the curtains and fabric. This makes space for modification of the room and changes in the room as the kids grow up.

Small Kids Room with Bunk Beds

This kids bedroom design makes the most of the limited amount of space it has. There are two beds and the wall is providing space for cabinets and shelves. A makeshift study desk is also created out of the shelves and the room remains uncluttered because all of it is focused towards one side.

Blue & White Color Scheme for Small Kids Bedroom

This bedroom is ideal for small kids and incorporates multiple colors and toys without actually making any permanent or big changes. The walls remain neutral and the whole effect is achieved by interior decor, which is mainly hinging on the wall posters and paintings.

Kids Bedroom Design with Colorful Toys

 The design below is strictly functional with just the right amount of personality thrown in. There are two small tables with drawers which can hold items along with the shelf on the wall. The study table is large enough to be comfortable and the bed is pushed to the other side, clearing the front and making the room look bigger.

White & Light Blue Kids Room with Study TableIf you’re looking for something colorful, you can refer to the design below which uses a red and white wallpaper to spruce things up a little. Similarly, the double bed is made to maximize the use of space and offers a proper wardrobe and drawers for daily items. A wall shelf for books is also set up in the side along with a work space and seats.
Red & White Color Scheme for Small Kids BedroomThis bedroom is actually smaller than most but the design makes it work. The wardrobe is curved towards the inside instead of having protruding, blocky edges which take up space. Similarly, shelves are mounted on the wall and a panel running across the wall’s length serves as a work desk. The bed, though small, is pushed to one side and has drawers under it for storage.

Blue Color Scheme for Small Kids Room

This bedroom design takes things a little further due to availability of space. The double bed is next to the wall along with a shelf to hold books and toys. The centre table is good for keeping the kids occupied and this design would work for both boys and girls.

Kids Bedroom Decor with Colorful FurnitureIf you’ve got older kids, the design below should do well because it’s neutral and doesn’t go for bright or multiple colors. The shade of green isn’t exactly childish while there is ample room for books and other items. The furniture in this room makes good use of the available space.

Kids Bedroom with Study Table and Green Color Scheme

If you’re thinking of turning your attic into the kids bedroom, the design below can serve as inspiration. The raised platform can hold another bed while there can be a wardrobe under it. The choice of light blue color makes the room appear bigger and the flooring here is also interesting.

Blue & White Color scheme for Kids Bedroom Attic Space

The 10 designs above will give you lots of ideas for setting up your own kids’ bedroom, but if you’ve got any other suggestions, please feel free to comment below and let us know. The main thing you need to keep in mind is the choice of furniture to make the maximum use of available space. Moreover, you need to decide whether you wish to keep a room open to changes as your kids grow or set it up in a manner that will require major renovations later.

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