5 Reasons Your Property Isn’t Selling on the Market

You’ve finally decided that you want to put your property on the market, you work everything out and list it, only to be disappointed as weeks go by without any solid offers. Why isn’t your property selling you wonder – well, there can be several reasons, and here we’re going to highlight 5 of the most common ones.

#1. Your asking price is unrealistic

One of the first things that put off potential buyers is the price you’re asking for your property. Most sellers don’t conduct any market research and have unrealistic expectations. In such a case, it is your estate agent’s responsibility to guide you because setting a high price early on and reducing it later gives your listing a negative impression. If you really want your property to sell, you should price your home after considering the trend in your local area or neighbourhood.

#2. Your listing isn’t getting exposure

Given how competitive the market can be, you need to ensure maximum exposure for your listing to get the most number of buyers possible. A simple ‘For Sale’ sign won’t cut it. In order to sell your property faster you will need to tap multiple channels including online portals such as Houser.co.uk.

The more places you list your property on, the more offers you will eventually get and the faster your property will sell.

#3. Your agent isn’t doing it right

While it’s easy to blame the agent, but in some cases the blame is deserved. If your agent doesn’t have the right connections, reputation and market standing, your property listing can suffer, especially if yours is a high-end property. You need to keep a lot of factors in mind before you choose your estate agent because he/she is going to be dealing with one of your most valuable assets.

#4. You aren’t staging your property properly

Even if your agent manages to attract buyers, you might be losing them because you aren’t staging your house properly. The essence of setting up your house for a showing lies in de-cluttering it and allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. Moreover, you need to highlight the best aspects of your property. For instance, if you have a large lawn, have it mowed and set up a few chairs and a table there or items kids can play with.

#5. The location of your property isn’t convenient

Location is one of the major factors buyers consider before they purchase a property. Even if your home is perfect, buyers will pass on it if it isn’t close to schools, work districts, tube stations or shopping malls. Other location based factors include crime-rate, pollution and general upkeep of the streets and houses in the area.

While these 5 are the most common reasons properties don’t sell, there can be other small issues coming in your way. If you need any suggestions or expert advice regarding the sale of your property, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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