5 Tips for Finding Rental Properties in Swansea, Wales, UK

Swansea is one of the largest cities in Wales and is a great place to rent. The neighbourhood hosts several planned events during the year and whether you are a fan of art or sports, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to indulge yourself.

Even people with families can easily rent properties in Swansea because schools and libraries are also in close proximity. The average rent for the area is also quite reasonable at just around £800 pcm. If you’re still interested in renting a property in this area, you we’ve lined up a few tips for you to find the best rental properties in Swansea, Wales, UK.

#1. Search Swansea Rental Properties Online

The best way to get an idea of rental properties in Swansea is to search for them online. A lot of people consider online searching unreliable, but there are several dedicated property portals now which list the latest available rental properties or properties for sale in any area or city in the UK.

Instead of simply using a search engine however, you should search for rentals in your desired area (Swansea in this case) on a property portal with in-depth search filters like Houser.co.uk.

#2. Browse Listings from Reliable Agents

Nowadays all reliable agents have their online portfolios and their complete stock listed on property portals. This saves you time which would otherwise be spent physically visiting offices and waiting for information. On Houser, we take that a step forward by designating featured agents for certain areas.

For instance, if you browse rental properties in Swansea on Houser, you can rest assured that our featured agent Ben – SA Property Sales will have updated listings and will be more than willing to assist you in any way possible.

Swansea Property Rental Listings

Similarly, we also have a lot of filters to help you set your requirements and view rental properties that meet them. You can also choose the kind of property you’d like, such as detached, semi-detached, terraces, flats and apartments.

#3. Pick a Rental Listing with Several Images

When you are picking potentially viable rental properties, you should go for listings which have several images. Not only is this an indicator of a valid listing and the landlord’s seriousness towards letting the property, it is also important in order to get a good idea about the house or flat, its interior and its overall state and suitability for your purposes.

Swansea Rental Property Listings

On Houser, we always encourage and facilitate estate agents for the uploading of complete listing information and images, so tenants and rental property seekers get all the details they require to make a decision.

#4. Check out the Surroundings and Neighbourhood

After shortlisting a few rental properties, it is prudent to research their surroundings and the general neighbourhood. While you can search with the property’s address online to get an idea of the area, on Houser we’ve provided tools that do this for you.

Not only can you get a 360 view of the property and its surroundings, we also have neighbourhood guides that can help you decide whether an area is suitable for you or not.

Swansea Rental Property Listings

Swansea Are Guide Information

#5. Contact Listing Agents for Viewings

Once you pick a rental property you like, you should contact the agent for more details and possible viewing schedules. Viewing a property is essential, even when there are several listing photos available because at times photos are not recent and you can pick up a lot of things in an actual viewing.

Unlike other portals though, Houser makes contacting agents a breeze, where you simply have to initiate an enquiry and our dedicated customer support representatives make sure you get a response as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can also get the direct contact number for an agent and give them a call yourself.

Swansea Wales Estate Agents

#6. Confirm Particulars and Take Pictures

Before you finalise any rental property, you should confirm particulars like dedicated parking space and any other conditions put forth by the landlord. Moreover, we recommend that you take pictures of the property before moving in and keep them as reference for the future, especially when you make repairs or decide to move out.

We hope these tips will help you in finding rental properties in Swansea, Wales, UK, but if you need further, personalised help, we have a completely free service you can avail. Just click on the button below, enter your preferences and we’ll get back to you with personalised rental property listings in Swansea that meet your requirements.

Properties to Rent in UK

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