6 Things to Consider Before You Move Into a New Neighborhood

Finding the perfect home for your family is not quite as simple as picking out a nice property on sale or rent; you also need to be sure that the entire neighborhood is one you would be comfortable, safe and happy to live in.

Read on to see the top 6 things you need to check before you move into a new neighborhood.

#1. Crime rate

UK Police

One of the first things you should check for is the crime rate of your desired new neighborhood.

Walk around the place and try to talk to people who are already living there and find out what they think about the security and related issues in the locality. A simple Google check may also turn up facts and incidents that may have occurred in the past.

You can also search for local crime rate statistics online and there are several sites which provide stats collected from local authorities.

#2. Available amenities

UK Parks

What sort of social amenities are readily accessible in the area? This is a very pertinent question to ask before you move into a new neighborhood. The kind of amenities you should look for will depend in part on your tastes and lifestyle. For example a professional couple with young children might be interested in a neighborhood with parks and good daycare facilities.

You might also want to check on local shopping malls and stores to find out whether items of daily use are easily available.

#3. Demographic composition

UK Demographic

Your new neighborhood, particularly if you’re buying your own house, will likely be your home for a while, and so you will probably want to settle down and fit in with the community. Understanding the demographics of the neighborhood will help you determine if the move makes social sense.

For example, if you have a young family then moving into a pre-dominantly elderly community might not be the most ideal situation. Similarly, with a family of your own, you would want to settle into an area which is family-friendly.

#4. Property prices

UK Property Prices

Low property prices might seem like a dream come true, particularly if the house you are purchasing is one you love; however, this can also be a red flag. Chances are, you may be getting a great deal because the neighborhood has been hit with a high number of foreclosures.

This on its own may not be a big problem for you, but you should bear in mind that if you need to move on and sell your home someday, its appraisal value will be negatively affected by the number of foreclosures in the area.

#5. Convenience

UK travel facilities

How convenient is living in this area going to be for you? Aside from the obvious necessity for social amenities, you must take into consideration the distance and ease of transportation to any other places where you will expect to spend much of your time e.g. your work place.

#6. Development plans

UK Development

Cities are always developing and expanding; thus, the very features which may sell you on a neighborhood may be altered or even completely taken away just a few months down the line. You may need to get in touch with the urban planning department in your city to find out if there may be any development plans for this area, and if so, what kind of changes can you expect.

This will also help you determine if perhaps some of the amenities which are currently not available may become so in the future.

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