8 Tips to Make Your Living Room Look Bigger

Having a large living room can help you relax and feel comfortable at home along with the added advantage of impressing your guests. Unfortunately, small properties compromise on the size of the living room in order to accommodate more bedrooms. However, if you don’t have a big living room, here are 8 tips that can help you efficiently use the space you have and make your living room look bigger than it is.

#1. Keep only essential items

Living Room Furniture and Decoration
While you might want to place a hundred things in your living room, and they all might be excellent in their own right, you can’t afford to clutter a small space if you want it to appear bigger. Most people make the mistake of filling up their living room with all sorts of furniture and decor items only to make it look even smaller.

#2. Paint the walls bright and light

Paint Ideas for Living Room Light shades reflect light better and make your living room appear brighter and bigger. In contrast to this, if you go with dark shades like black, maroon or grey, your living room will appear much smaller. Good color choices for you would include neutral shades like white and cream or colors with more personality like pastel shades of green, mauve or sky blue.

#3. Get bigger/more windows if you can

Living Room Big Windows

This one is tougher but can work wonders for your living room, especially if you have a small lawn or open area outside the room. Bigger (or more) windows mean more incoming light, which gives the illusion of space and openness. Moreover, the view outside will distract guests and even you from any space issues you might have. If you decide to go with bigger windows you will need to hire a contractor who can work with your existing windows and expand them by working on your wall.

#4. Go for uniformity

Uniform Living Room Design

If you use too many different colors or themes when decorating the interior of your living room it will appear cramped, cluttered and smaller. Uniformity is key to making any room look bigger, and includes the furniture you use, the decoration items and how well they go with the overall color and theme (walls, floors, windows) of your living room. The more uniform the whole room is the bigger it will look.

#5. Use multi-functional items

Multi Functional Furniture

Furniture design is a science in itself and several leading companies are offering space-saving multi-functional furniture and interior decor items which are efficient and effective. Be it a center table, a couch, shelves or a television cabinet, you should be looking at designs which can serve multiple purposes, like a TV cabinet that doubles as a book shelf.

#6. Keep your walls clear

Clear Living Room Walls

Everyone likes hanging family photos and whole collections on their wall for all to see, but if you’re short on space, you might want to keep your living room walls clear. Busy walls make rooms look cramped and ideally you should put up one or two pieces of art or photographs at most. Even curtains on windows are not advised if you can opt for thin blinds instead.

#7. Improve indoor lighting

Ceiling Lights for Living Room

A well-lit room always looks bigger and more spacious. Even if you don’t have access to natural light you can make use of artificial lighting to brighten your living room. However, since you’re short on space, avoid big chandeliers and instead go for small ceiling lamps evenly distributed for good light coverage of your living room.

#8. Put up a big mirror

Big Mirror in Living Room

This is one trick all professional designers use to maximize the appearance of space in living rooms. Clever mirror placement can work in many ways, enhancing the flow of light indoors, creating an illusion of more space and distracting guests. You can consult a professional designer or pick a wall which is visible upon entry but not always facing the sitting area and put up a big mirror on it which blends with the overall design theme of your living room.

Let us know what you think about these tips, and if you have any you’d like us to include please feel free to comment below and let us know.

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