9 Home Maintenance Tips for Winter

Winter will be upon us in a couple of months and you should start planning for improvements or maintenance work in your house ahead of time. There are several small but important considerations which can save you a lot of time and money when winter hits hard. Let’s take a look at the 10 things you shouldn’t skip this year.

#1. Check your front door and windows for draught

The main door to your house and windows are major sources of draught, letting in the cold winter air and lowering temperature in the house. This in essence nullifies your heating and necessitates the waste of energy to maintain a comfortable atmosphere.

In order to save on energy and heating bills, you should get your front door and windows checked and draught-proofed. The process doesn’t cost much but saves a lot of money in utility bills throughout the winter.

#2. Insulate external water pipes

One of the biggest issues in winter is the freezing and bursting of external water pipes. Not can this literally throw a wrench in the water works but will be tough to repair during peak winter months. The practical solution to this is to insulate (known as lagging) all your external water pipes to conserve heat and prevent the water in them from freezing.

Not only will this prevent any damage to the pipes but will also save you money in heating and energy costs.

#3. Get your carpets, curtains and upholstery cleaned

Your house will not be getting much sunshine during the winters, which means your carpets, curtains and upholstery might start smelling, especially if you have a wet winter. The damp smell during this season can be very annoying and getting your things clean before winter arrives is a good idea.

Moreover, before it gets intolerable you should open up your windows and get as much air and sunshine into your house as possible. This will reduce any humidity and clear out any lingering smells before you have to close down in the cold.

#4. Check exterior lighting

It will start getting darker during winters and your exterior lighting will be important. If you have lights in the front porch, main gate or garden, check them all and make sure everything is in order and will not be affected by rain or snow.

#5. Get a rough, wired doormat for the entrance

During winters one major problem is guests or family members bringing in mud and snow with boots when they enter. This doesn’t just ruin your carpet but also leaves a smell which might just stay the whole of winter.

In order to prevent this you need to get a rough textured or wired doormat so everyone can rub their boots on it, and if possible, designate a small corner inside where people can take off their boots and place them in a plastic rack or tub.

#6. Have your chimney inspected

It is recommended that you hire a professional chimney sweep to clean out your chimney before you start using it again. You might want to get it looked at from the outside as well to make sure there are no cracks or broken bricks which may lead to heat loss.

#7. Consider moving plants indoors

If you have potted plants placed outside you should consider moving them indoors, where they can thrive and continue to grow. Low temperatures can damage and even kill plants within days. However, before you bring any plants inside your house make sure they don’t have any insects or fungus. If you so, you can either spray them with insecticide or wash them with water.

#8. Trim trees and cut long branches

Tree branches can do a lot of damage or worse, injure someone when they break under the weight of snow and ice which gathers on them. In order to avoid such an incident you should trim the trees around your house

#9. Clear gutters and install gutter guards

There is going to be a lot of drainage during winters and if your gutters are not clear you might have a problem on your hands. Hire a professional to check your gutters and install gutter-guards to prevent any debris like broken branches or pebbles from flowing into the gutter with the melting ice and water and blocking it.

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