Author: Hendricks Baker

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Houser’s Support System Now Online

In order to facilitate our members, we at Houser have been working on a support system which is now online. Members can submit support tickets related to any issues they may be facing while... News & Announcements 0

New Developments at

Bulk Uploading & Feed Integration We have been receiving numerous requests for bulk uploading and feed integration and are currently working on accommodating all of them as fast as we can. There is a...

Check Home Before Renting 0

10 Things to Consider Before Renting a House

So you’ve decided to rent a new house, flat or apartment? While you might think you’ve got nothing to lose when renting, we think you should consider the following 10 factors before you go...

Real Estate Contract Elements 0

Essential Elements of a Real Estate Contract

When a buyer decides to purchase a property a legally binding contract is signed between the two parties to finalize the transaction and transfer the legal right of ownership to the buyer. While contractual...

Home Maintenance for Winter 0

9 Home Maintenance Tips for Winter

Winter will be upon us in a couple of months and you should start planning for improvements or maintenance work in your house ahead of time. There are several small but important considerations which...

Mortgage not being approved 0

Top 7 Reasons Mortgages are Not Approved

Getting a mortgage is a huge financial responsibility and lenders don’t tend to hand it out to just anyone anymore and several applications are turned down on a daily basis. If you are about...