Birmingham – Famous Places to See & Visit (City Centre & Around)

Birmingham, one of the most highly populated cities of the United Kingdom, is located in West Midlands and is a metropolitan area with several places to see. If you’re thinking of moving to Birmingham or paying a short visit, you can use this guide to plan your trip and make sure you don’t miss anything important.

Victoria Square Birmingham

Places to See & Visit in Birmingham

Considered by locals as the centre of Birmingham, Victoria Square is a public place and houses both the Town Hall and Council House. It connects several major roads and also has a sculpture of note, The River, or “The Floozie in the Jacuzzi” – which was built for £3.5 million.

The square is also a great site on Christmas, when it hosts the Frankfurt Christmas Market and Craft Fair.

Birmingham City Council House

Places to See & Visit in Birmingham

The Birmingham City Council Houser is home to the city’s local government, including council officers, elected council members and the Chief Executive.

Located in Victoria Square, the Birmingham Council House is a Grade II listed building with its own postcode B1 1BB. If you’re visiting Victoria Square, you should definitely stop by for a look at the council house.

St. Philip’s Cathedral

Places to See & Visit in Birmingham

One of the oldest buildings in Birmingham, St. Philip’s Cathedral was consecrated 300 years ago, back in 1715.

The Cathedral’s importance is not just historic (it is the seat of the Bishop of Birmingham), but it is also listed as a rare testament to English Baroque architecture. Designed by Thomas Archer, who served under Queen Anne, St. Philip’s Cathedral merits a visit for people who appreciate brilliant architecture.

The Library of Birmingham

Places to See & Visit in Birmingham

The Library of Birmingham is an iconic building located near the Baskerville House, towards the west of the city centre. Not only is the library an architectural gem, testament to the city’s redevelopment, it is also the largest public library in the UK.

The new building was considered a major project and cost over £188 million to construct. It replaced the older Birmingham Central Library and is today one of the foremost attractions in the United Kingdom.

The Wheel of Birmingham

Places to See & Visit in Birmingham

The Wheel of Birmingham is not a permanent landmark, but a set of Ferris wheels which come and go; but when installed, are visible from around the city.

If you’re visiting Birmingham, you can take a ride on the Birmingham Mail wheel which is set up in the Centenary Square. It’s a smooth, safe ride, and you get an amazing view from the top, the likes of which you’ve probably not seen very often.

The Selfridges Building

Places to See & Visit in Birmingham

Another iconic site in Birmingham, the Selfridges building was designed by Future Systems and is a contemporary landmark housing the Selfridges Department Store.

The site merits a visit, and while you’re at it, it won’t hurt to shop a little as well. Similarly, the building is also a symbol of Birmingham’s redevelopment.

The Giant Screen

Places to See & Visit in Birmingham

Located at the Millennium Point, the Giant Screen is Midland’s largest digital cinema and a must-visit destination for movie lovers in Birmingham. While it hasn’t been able to recover its costs, it is still a technological marvel you should experience with your favorite movie.

Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum

Places to See & Visit in Birmingham

Thinktank Birmingham Science Music has a lot to offer with its themed galleries and interactive experiences. It is among the most technologically advanced science museums and is a treasure trove of knowledge and information which deserves a visit if you’re in Birmingham.

Black Country Living Museum

Places to See & Visit in Birmingham

An award-winning open-air museum in West Midlands, Black Country spans over 26 acres and offers a memorable experience, taking you back in time. You can walk around, talk to people, play games and check out historic stories to get a sense of the glorious history of Black Country.

Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

Places to See & Visit in Birmingham

Located near the Birmingham City Centre, the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park is home to several endangered species of animals.

Even if you are not particularly interested in learning about these animals, the park is great for a fun outing with friends or family to appreciate nature without having to travel too far.

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