Houser’s Information Removal Interface in the Pipeline

Since our official launch we have been overwhelmed by thousands of emails from agents and a small percentage of them was from those who wanted to remove their listings.

While we are responding to queries as fast as we can, the biggest challenge in this instance is to distinguish genuine removal requests from fake or malicious ones.

In order to streamline this process we are building an information removal interface at Houser. People who wish to have their listings removed will need to authenticate their root domain name and take steps to confirm their request, following which their listings will automatically be removed.

Our development team is currently working on this interface and it should be available by next week.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a way to remove a single page or listing, you can easily do that by using the ‘Report’ link on that page.

Similarly, if you wish to edit a property listing associated with your account, you can do so from within your dashboard.

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