Houser’s Listing Removal API Now Available for Agents

As promised last week, we at Houser have been working on developing an Application Program Interface (API) which will allow estate agents to get their listings removed from Houser.

Developers can use the API request format below after replacing the data fields with the appropriate information. Once the request is received by Houser, you will get an email for its confirmation, following which it will be forwarded  for processing.

The API request format is as follows:

The use of ‘1’ in the last two variables of the string imply your agreement with two of our terms, which are:

  1. I understand that I may not get free listing access on Houser once I request a removal.
  2. I am authorized by the agency owner/board of directors to request removal of all our information.

Once the request is received by our server, you may receive one of the following responses:

Response Code Message
0 Your request has been successfully forwarded
1 A mandatory field was not filled
2 The name field has numbers in it (only letters are allowed)
3 The contact number field has letters in it (only numbers are allowed)
4 The contact number field has letters in it (only numbers are allowed)
5 The number of branches is not given in digits (only numbers are allowed)
6 The email format is invalid
7 The company website URL format is invalid
8 The Houser profile URL is invalid
9 The email address provided is unofficial (free domain emails are not allowed)
10 The company domain does not match the provided email address
11 You have not agreed to our terms and conditions
12 No data was received

Please note that the mandatory fields for this API request are:

  • Company Name
  • Your Name
  • Your Designation
  • Company Email Address
  • Houser Profile URL
  • Company Website
  • Company Contact Number
  • Your Contact Number
  • Number of Branches
  • Agreeing to our Terms

If you run into any issues, please feel free to contact us on Alternatively, please remember that our removal request form is still available here.

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