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Bulk Uploading & Feed Integration

We have been receiving numerous requests for bulk uploading and feed integration and are currently working on accommodating all of them as fast as we can. There is a dedicated team which is working on feed integration and we request our member agents to be a little patient as we work our way through the queue.

Job Requests

A lot of job requests have also been coming in through customer support channels, which is why we now have a dedicated email for receiving such queries. Please send all job requests from now on at jobs{at} (please remove the brackets and add ‘@’).

For Sale & To Rent Leads

Leads currently being generated from the two-way viewing scheduler or from the “Contact Agent” form are not being sent in real-time. Moreover, any leads which are missing contact details of the user will not be forwarded to agents.

By next week agents will be able to add different emails from within their Dashboard to get ‘For Sale’ and ‘To Rent’ leads separately.

Removal Requests

We understand that some agents are confused about their listing removal requests on Houser, especially since some emails were rolled out with a link to the removal request form.

We would like to clarify that the removal request form being cited in media sources is not a new development and has always been accessible by agents. Since some agents were contacting us through multiple channels and sending repeated requests, we simply forwarded them the link for their own convenience.

The announcement we made in our previous blog post (here) was about an interface we are currently working on, and will be available by next week. It would allow agents to remove their listings automatically after authenticating their root domain name.

The listing removal request form currently accessible works on a first-come first-served basis, where all incoming requests are forwarded to a queue. A few agents who are sending multiple hourly and daily removal requests are essentially putting themselves at the end of the queue with every successive request.

There are also some instances where different representatives of a business have given us conflicting feedback (one representative is asking for assistance with uploading more inventory while another is seeking removal). In such cases, we have suspended removal requests until the issues are resolved internally.

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