Why Sellers Pick One Agent over Another?


Everybody looks for a reliable, expert and trustworthy estate agent when it comes to selling their property. But what exactly do sellers look for, before they decide who should be their real estate agent? What qualities do they search in agents, so that they can trust them with the selling of their valuable property?

Information about real estate agents is not as easily available as of other service agents. We are mostly in the dark, because nobody needs to look for one every day. So, what makes sellers choose one agent over the loads of others?

How could you as an agent get chosen?

  1. Credibility and a strong background matters. Sellers usually do a lot of research and networking before deciding on areal estate agent. So, if you as an agent have a good reputation with your clients and have great deals in your kitty, chances are that future clients will pick you over others. Word of mouth is a very strong weapon which could work for you or against you. Sellers also want to see if the agent has experience in selling exactly the same kind of property in the same locality. Also, how fast has the agent been able to sell off the property, is a critical factor in deciding the agent.
  2. If you are a licensed estate agent, chances are that you might get chosen over other agents who have just started working or who have not licensed themselves with state regulatory bodies.
  3. The price is not everything but it does matter. Sellers want their agents to take genuine interest in selling their homes, to understand the years of savings and hard work that has gone into making it and thus, claim a fair selling price from the market. If you can really impress your client by ensuring them how you as an agent can highlight the USPs of their property, what points of difference you can think of, you would have much higher chances of getting chosen. You need to be able to show them positives about their property which they might not have even thought of highlighting. That is where you score the brownie points! Sometimes, putting your heart into the job does matter.
  4. Sellers look for agents who have the right credentials. So if you have put in that extra effort to get a few certifications and courses done on real estate selling, you are in a much better position. Sellers want agents who come with a CRS or SRES qualification, this makes them feel more relaxed that their real estate agent is one of the best. CRS stands for Certified Residential Specialist. SRES stands for Seniors Real Estate Specialist. A SRES agent is certified for selling off property to people in the age bracket over 50 years. So, this might be helpful information for an old couple and obviously they would love to choose a SRES agent over others. Such an agent is more credible.
  5. You might have made many deals within a very short span of time, but the duration of your career as a real estate agent also matters. This is because many sellers look for experience in the number of years. If you have been in the business for a pretty long time and have majority of your deals in that particular area, it means you would know better about the locality, about the price trends and can pitch their property in a much better way in front of the prospective buyers. Simply put, the more number of years, means the better you know. The better you know, the better you can pitch. Hence the choice!
  6. A seller would soon become a buyer. Either they would be upgrading or moving into a smaller house. So, as an agent if you are able to demonstrate your knowledge of the market and of the current houses or properties which are listed for sale and what kind of prices those properties can fetch, then you could be chosen way over others, not for one deal but for a double deal!

So, with these tips you can ensure that sellers do not chose other agents over you.

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